Understand First! Here Are 3 Business Insurances That You Must Know!


In doing insurance, we should really understand what is needed to be able to invest some of our money. With problems like that, we will provide information related to 3 business insurances that you must know.

These 3 business insurances can also be your foundation, when you want to invest some money for sudden needs or needs in your old age later.

So what are the 3 business insurances that you must know? Curious, right? If yes, then consider the following reviews.

What are 3 Business Insurances that You Must Know?

3 business insurance

When it comes to investing in insurance, then you should know about 3 business insurance first. No need to linger any longer, let’s see the full discussion in this article, OK!

1. Life insurance

An important aspect of why you should have life insurance is to make plans for the people you leave behind. This is very meaningful if you have a family that depends on your income to live.

An expert in insurance manufacturers recommends that a life insurance policy should cover 10 times your annual income.

This amount can provide enough money to cover various expenses involved such as funeral fees and provide your family with sufficient cash funds.

Not only that, you also need to consider various aspects other than burial fees when you estimate the amount of life insurance coverage you need.

These factors include mortgage payments, living expenses such as loans, credit cards and taxes, and future child care and tuition fees.

Therefore, it is very important for you to have life insurance to ensure that the family you leave behind can continue their life quite comfortably.

2. Health insurance

Health insurance is an insurance product that can overcome your health problems if you face an illness.

Having insurance continues to be important especially you can’t assume that your health will be hampered and when the time comes you will definitely want to pass it without any planning.

In addition to being able to overcome health problems that you might want to experience, health insurance can also cover maintenance costs.

By having health insurance, usually several types of diseases such as injuries, disabilities, to critical illnesses can be covered by health insurance.

Surely this type of insurance is already familiar to most Indonesian citizens and is a must for you to have.

3. Credit Life Insurance

For those of you who have several personal means of transportation, including the legacy of your transportation equipment in insurance is a decision that you really need to think about.

Transportation insurance that is very widely used by Indonesians is car insurance that focuses on trusting injuries to other people or the destruction of their vehicles.

There is also installment life insurance which also guarantees full ownership of the means of transportation if in the era of installments of means of transportation, the owner of the means of transportation dies.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, that’s a related explanation of 3 business insurances that you must know, to invest some money for insurance needs.

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