Understanding and Examples of Open Source


Have you ever heard the term open source?. In the field of technology itself this term is very popular at all. Even many fans of open source projects, or even the technology we use is open source.

Before discussing further, it’s a good idea to find out first about the meaning of open source.

Understanding Open Source

Open source can be interpreted as open source, which means a software or application that is free to use by anyone and is free to modify the code by anyone. Both for personal use and for commercial use.

In short, open source is an application that we can modify according to our needs if we understand the program code.

The open source project itself is currently growing rapidly, because many communities are very enthusiastic about its development.

Examples of Open Source Applications

In the world of technology there are lots of open source projects scattered around, maybe one of them we use every day.

1. Linux

Linux is an open source operating system, and there are many derivatives of this linux operating system, such as ubuntu, debian, kali linux, mint and others.

In general, linux is similar to windows, it’s just that linux is free without having to buy a license like windows. And Linux is relatively lighter than the Windows operating system.

And not a few Linux is used as an option for server needs. In addition, Linux is also famous for being used for hacker activities.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a browser application to find information on the internet, this application can be used for free and can also be modified as needed. You, if you want to make your own browser application using the basic Mozilla program, of course, are very welcome.

Because that’s the nature of open source in mozilla firefox.

3. WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that can be used for free and can be developed by anyone around the world.

You can create cool website pages using this open source project, even many government websites use wordpress as their application program.

Even also uses wordpress as its content management system.

Not only for creating information systems, wordpress can also be used to create profile websites, schools, and online stores.

Depends on the creativity you have in using this wordpress.

4. Php and Mysqli

PHP is a very popular programming language for creating web pages, maybe for those of you who are used to making websites, PHP is no stranger.

We can create very complex systems using PHP, and of course with the help of mysqli.

Mysqli is a database commonly used for php website purposes, so you can create a framework from php, and store data using this mysqli technology for free.

5. Moodle LMS

Moodle is a useful application for online learning activities, now Moodle is going viral again this year, because it really helps the online teaching and learning process during this pandemic. Many schools and colleges use Moodle as their online learning medium.

Because Moodle itself has complete features, such as student profiles, assignment submissions, assignment assignments, assignment assessments, lecturer profiles, until the material for each lesson can be easily managed.

So many choose Moodle as a medium for the online learning process.

6. Apache Server

Apache is an open source project that is widely used for web server purposes, not only because it is free, it is very easy to operate with a combination of operating systems derived from Linux, such as ubuntu or debian.

Besides that, Apache is the best choice for learning about web services, because it can be manipulated without having to be afraid of paying monthly or annual fees.

7. LibreOffice

Do you often use Microsoft Word? now libre office is similar to ms words, it’s just that libre office can be used for free without having to buy a license first like ms words. And the features offered are almost perfect like those in MS Words and the like.

Therefore, Libre Office can be used as an alternative to using Microsoft Office.

8. Android

So, who doesn’t know Android, almost all smartphones in the world use the Android operating system. Well it turns out that Android is an open source project that has been running successfully to date.

So if we look at many smartphones that use the Android OS, they combine it with the default operating system from the smartphone vendor, for example, Xiaomi uses Android but also uses the MIUI OS. Well, because it is open source, it can be modified in such a way.

Which is Good Where is Open Source With Close Source?

Well, actually, if you want to use open source or close source, it’s both good, depending on the needs of each use, if you want cheap or free, go to open source, but if you want the anti-complicated one, you can buy close source.

Or you can also use both types of applications, try first which one you prefer, and which one is more suitable, then just continue.

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