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Download and upload activities have been done very often, in fact we do this almost every day. But do you know what download and upload are by definition?

If you haven’t, please read this article until it’s finished because referralnews.com will provide a reference regarding the meaning of download and upload.

Definition of Upload

We start first from the definition of Upload, by definition downloading can be interpreted as the process of putting data from a local computer to the Internet, so that the data can be accessed by many people. For example, like you upload a photo to social media, let’s call it Facebook.

Initially the photo was on a local device, after being uploaded it could be seen by many people at once. Now this is called the upload process.

Understanding Download

Whereas download is the opposite of upload, where upload puts data to the internet from a local computer, then download takes data from the internet to be saved to a local computer.

For example, when you save an image from social media, it is called the download process or retrieving data from the internet and saving it to your local device.

Of course, these two processes work the same way, and require a network and internet connection as well.

But in some cases, (depending on the network too), the download process is faster than the upload process, or vice versa.

So that’s a little explanation about understanding download and uploadI hope it’s useful.

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