Understanding, Examples and Benefits of Payment Gateway


Have you ever shopped online but paid for it via Indomaret? Alfamart, or other e-wallet?. Well, you must have thought about why people who sell online have such complete accounts.

Well this question is very good, we will answer it.

Actually, the online merchants do not have all of these accounts, but they use technology or payment gateway systems to facilitate these transactions.

Speaking of payment gateways, in fact we have often used it when shopping or paying monthly bills.

Let’s discuss the meaning of payment gateway.

What is Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway (payment gateway in English) is a payment system that bridges between merchants and online buyers. Usually, if the merchant only has a BCA account and the buyer has an account other than BCA, the transaction will incur a bank admin fee of around 6,500.

Of course, not everyone is willing to pay 6.5 thousand just for the admin.

Therefore, this innovation emerged, where the buyer can pay according to the account he has without having to fear losing 6.5 thousand for admin fees.

The payment gateway itself is actually quite an old technology, it’s just that it’s been discussed recently. Because of its convenience in helping our digital transactions.

Payment Gateway Benefits

There are several benefits that we can get when using a payment gateway during transactions:

All Auto

The payment gateway provides an automatic tracking system and will provide a unique transaction ID for each user. So after the buyer makes a payment, the transaction will automatically be paid off or completed.

So traders do not need to bother for manual confirmation.

Multiple Payment Methods

As we mentioned above, there are many payment gateways available for bank, supermarket and e-wallet payment methods. So it will be more practical and economical for our digital transactions.

And because of the many payment methods, customers won’t have to worry about admin fees for different bank transfers. Because customers can transfer using their bank account.

Example of a Payment Gateway

  1. Tri Pay
  2. iSaku
  3. Average Pay
  4. Xendit
  5. midtrans
  6. your iPay
  7. Espay
  8. Finpay
  9. Doku
  10. nicepay

Well, above are some examples of payment gateways in Indonesia, and actually there are many more payment gateways out there.

Well, maybe that’s our explanation about understanding, benefits and examples of payment gateways hope it’s useful.


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