Understanding Hosting and Domains and their functions and how they work

Understanding Hosting and Domains and Their Functions and How They Work – If you already understand the discussion Understanding HTML, Functions, and how it works Surely you are wondering how to make the website pages that we have created online. And so that it can be accessed by many people who need the information you share on your website.

But before your website page goes online we suggest understanding what hosting is, domains and how it works, therefore we will discuss it for you.

First we will discuss about Hosting.

Understanding Hosting

Hosting is an online service that functions to manage the data of a website page or website-based application by users and display it via the internet network. There are many files that can be uploaded and then stored in a hosting, which include images, scripts, videos, emails, applications, and used as a database (database of a website).

Hosting can also be interpreted as a computer or server that functions to store our data on the Internet, so that it can be accessed by many people via the internet.

Understanding Domain

A domain is an easy-to-remember name associated with a physical IP address on the internet. This Domain Name can appear after the @ sign in the email address, and after www. at the website address.

For example, suppose the domain name can be translated to a physical address 198.102.434.8.

By reading the above understanding, it can be concluded that Hosting is our place to store our website page files so that they can be accessed by many people or become online. While the Domain is the name of the website that is easy to remember and also to be more easily accessed by many people.

Hosting if likened to Hosting as land that is ready to be built and the building is a website page that you have created and Domain is the name or home address of the building.

Besides you have to understand Hosting and Domains, you also have to know the functions of Hosting and Domains so you can use them properly. Following are the functions of Hosting and Domain.

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Hosting Functions

Hosting has many functions that can be used related to website development, both for personal and corporate website needs. Here are some of the functions of hosting that you can learn.

1. Make Website Pages You Have Created Online

The first, of course, hosting serves to make the website that you have created using HTML or with other programming languages ​​can be accessed by many people who need the information you provide on your website page.

Which is where after you upload your website files on the hosting you have, the website can automatically be accessed online and by many people at once.

However, to make it easier for other people to access, you must have a Domain to transliterate or make the IP address of your website a name that is easy to remember and unique.

2. Develop your Website

By having a hosting, your website can be accessed by many people and can be used as a business such as creating an online store or what is often called e-commerce. You have to use hosting so that every information you create can be indexed and read by search engines. For example, your online store website will be indexed in the Google search engine.

3. Create a free Email

This third function is a service available on Hosting where every time you have a Hosting, you will automatically be able to create an email based on your Hosting and for the size of your email storage will adjust to the Hosting you purchased.

4. Able to Protect Websites with SSL

The last function is a function to protect your website from malware attacks, viruses, indicated as DDOS attacks or exposed to spam. Therefore, with the protection provided by Hosting, namely by installing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) your website will be more secure from attacks.

Domain Functions

Domain function is a name in the form of an address that is easy to remember and used to take you to the website you are going to, or basically the function of the Domain as addressing your website to make it easier to access. accessed by someone else.

After knowing the meaning and function of Hosting and Domains, it would be better if you understand how it works so that you can understand it perfectly.

How Web Hosting Works

When you access the website address that you are going to, then the internet network will then send a request to access the hosting server. Then the Hosting server will respond by sending back data from the website address you are going to in the form of writing and images.

How Domains Work

Domain name is an important part of a website URL. It works very much like a website address on the internet, just like your physical home address in the real world. A website will have an address because it is accommodated on a server connected to the internet so that it can be accessed by many people.

In conclusion, the Website, Hosting, and Domain are interrelated to create a complete website that can be accessed by many people or online.

That’s all from the discussion on Understanding Hosting and Domains and their functions, hopefully it will be useful for those who have read it

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