Understanding HTML, Functions, and How it Works


If you want to start to become a web developer, you must learn the basic language of a website, namely HTML.

Before you learn other languages ​​to create a website you must understand and learn HTML until you understand and at least you can make a simple website or until you become a professional in HTML language.

So if you want to learn other languages ​​that are more advanced, to make a website you already understand the basics first, making it easier for you in the future to become a professional in the field of web developers.

Let’s just talk about the discussion of HTML !!!.

What is HTML?

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is a markup language used to structure web pages. And is the standard language used to create a web page, which can be accessed via the internet.

With HTML you can create a web page where you can manage the page using the HTML language, for example:

  • Arrange headings
  • Setting paragraphs
  • Add image
  • Add link
  • And many others.

To be able to access the page that you have created, you can use the browser application you have such as Google Crome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many other applications.

After knowing what HTML is, maybe you want to know more about HTML, so first you have to know the function of HTML.

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So what is the function of HTML?

There are various functions of HTML, but here we explain some of the functions of HTML:

Creating Website Pages

This is the main function of HTML which is to create web pages. So you can share information over the internet by creating a website page.

Html is also a programming language that is easy for beginners to understand, no wonder almost all web pages are made using HTML.

Become the basic foundation of a website

Apart from being used to create Html website pages, it also serves as the basic foundation for a website page. Which is where several programming languages ​​can be applied to HTML to make it look more attractive.

For example, by adding CSS to an HTML website page, we can make the page look colorful and many others that make the page look more attractive.

Marking Text and Sections on Website Pages

Furthermore, the function of HTML is to be a text marker and parts of web pages. For example, to mark a sentence in bold and italics only needs to be coded , .

In addition, HTML also serves to mark parts on the website. For example the header, main, footer, and navigation. This makes it easier to build a website.

Displaying Multimedia on Website Pages

On the website page, of course, there is always text such as a title, description or others, but besides the text on the website page, it also requires additions such as images, videos, and music so that the website page does not look boring.

Therefore, in addition to being able to create HTML text, HTML can also display multimedia on web pages.

Redirecting Users to Other Website Pages

Along with its development, HTML can now also function to direct you to other pages or websites through certain text. This function can also be called a hyperlink. For example, as in the example in the following image.

With hyperlinks, you can easily get information related to the page you are reading.

example link created with Html

After you know what HTML is and its functions, you also have to know how the HTML programming language works so that you can use it easily.

How does HTML work?

Okay, maybe now you are wondering how the HTML file works so that it can be displayed in the browser. Now let’s see the explanation.

First, you create your HTML document in an HTML editor application and save it in .html or .htm format.

The HTML document that you create can be more than one. Because in a website, it usually consists of several specific pages. For example, the main page, contact, blog, about, and others.

Therefore, each document contains HTML components that will make up the headings, paragraphs, content, and more.

This file extension can be opened using a browser application that you have such as Google Crome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and many other applications.

Then, so that your website pages can be accessed by many people or accessed online, you need to hire a website hosting service and upload your HTML website page files there.

If so, then the browser will read and render the HTML file to display the website page. So that when other people access your website, they can easily read the information displayed.


So in conclusion, HTML is a basic programming language that is also standard used for beginners who want to create a website page.

Where, HTML can also be combined with other programming languages ​​such as CSS, Javascript, PHP, and others to make the appearance of a website page more attractive and have more functions.

Okay, so the discussion about HTML from us may be useful .

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