Understanding Intranet, History and Benefits of Intranet


We know a technology that can connect everyone in this world through electronic devices, namely the Internet.

Almost every time we are connected to an internet network. Starting from just use as entertainment to use as a business.

Yes The Internet is a network that can communicate via electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. But it turns out not only Internet that can connect someone so they can communicate.

There is a technology that can connect a person to communicate with electronic devices. That is Intranet.

What is an Intranet?

If the Internet is a network that can connect all users of electronic devices without restrictions. Then the Intranet is the opposite.

The definition of an Intranet is a network that is similar to the Internet but is private. This means that the reach of the Intranet is not as wide as the reach of the Internet.

And just like the Internet, Intranet also uses IP Technology in order to connect with other people. Intranet itself can be found in the company or school environment. Because the Intranet network is suitable for small scale with low cost.

When we see how it works intranet is the same as how LAN networks worklocal area network). Which can connect several computers in one room.

And can share existing files. Well, that’s more or less the Intranet.

this information: How do you know about the Intranet and the Internet? If so, thank God. But it is also important to know that for all of them, there are many models in the network.

The first is a LAN or Local Area Network.
The second one is a PAN or Personal area network
The third is the MAN network or also known as the Metropolitan Area Network. And there is also such a thing as a WAN or Wide area Network.

Where all the above network models can make users of electronic devices connected to each other. However, they have different distances.
For example, the LAN is only a local area, and the WAN is global, it can be between countries and even continents, wow.

Now for complete information about LAN, WAN, and MAn networks, we will discuss in the next article. Because here we focus on Understanding Intranets, history and benefits of intranets.

Benefits of Intranet

1. In terms of cost

In terms of cost, the Intranet is superior to the Internet, because it is cheap. Intranets can transmit data without requiring access to the Internet. So it doesn’t cost much to make this Intranet network, it can be called a LAN.

2. Work

Intranet work is very helpful, like internet functions, which can exchange company data with each other.

3. Almost the same as the Internet

The essence of the Intranet network is the same as the internet. Can be for communication, work, or others. However, the point of an Intranet is that it is a network like the internet, but it is more narrow/private.

Difference between Internet and Intranet

In terms of area, the Internet is wider in scope than the Intranet.

Internet :

  • Network coverage is very wide, almost all continents and even the whole world.
  • The development of the Internet network is very fast compared to the Intranet.
  • Can be accessed anytime we want, anywhere we can access the internet.


  • The network coverage is relatively smaller than the Internet.
  • When compared to the Internet, the development of the Intranet is slower.
  • To access the Intranet it is usually through the Office, School or University.

History of Intranet

The beginning of the Intranet was in 1955 by a network provider tailored to the needs of information in the form of a web within a company. (

For intranet history even more detailed, friends, you can look for the information on the internet. Because I myself do not really know the beginning of an Intranet.

However, the way an intranet works is as described above. Similar to LAN.

So that’s a little of the meaning of the intranet, the history and benefits of an intranet network. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us.

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