Urgent! These are 5 Stock Investment Tips for Beginners


Currently, stock investment is increasingly favored by various groups of people. Many people want to invest, but are still afraid to start. Following News Reference present some stock investment tips for beginners.

First Learn About Stocks

Before starting stock investment, you should first learn the ins and outs of stocks so that you are more sure and don’t make a mistake. Learning stock knowledge can come from anywhere, such as books, youtube, and joining a special community discussing stocks.

Choosing Securities with Small Transaction Fees

In stock investments there are usually buying and selling costs. The cost of buying and selling shares of each security varies from 0.15% – 0.19% for the purchase fee and 0.20% – 0.29% for the selling fee.

Selective in Choosing Stocks

The next stock investment tip is to be selective in choosing stocks. There are various kinds of stock prices ranging from cheap to expensive. Do not choose stocks with very cheap prices but can not provide benefits for you.

The price listed is the share price per share. Meanwhile, to buy shares, you must buy 1 lot (100 shares). Consider the stock price according to your deposit. At least, try to get 1% profit from the purchase of shares.

Choose Stocks Listed on the LQ45 or IDX30 Index

For stock investors, you should choose stocks that have been registered on the LQ45 or IDX30 Index to ensure that the shares you buy are trusted companies. However, don’t buy all the shares at the same place.

Stock investment tips for beginners, for the first stock, you should buy long-term ones from banks or consumer goods. Banking and consumption are crucial needs of society so that they will always have a positive profit.

Choose Long-Term Investment

This stock investment tip will bring greater profits compared to short-term investments. Another advantage of long-term investment is that it has a lower level of risk.

For beginners, you should choose long-term investments in stocks that have good names and backgrounds and have fairly stable performance. With a long-term investment, your financial condition in the future will be more secure too.

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