Versatile Truck, Tc Trailers Ready to Deliver Heavy Goods to Various Regions and Places!

Business and business activities require a fleet of trucks to deliver goods, even more so if the business is engaged in logistics, it definitely really needs these transportation services. One of the trucks to choose from is the type of TC trailers.

Why should you choose this type, because TC trailers have various advantages, including being able to move quickly, so that the goods ordered by customers can arrive on time.

However, it turns out that there are still many trucks that companies or logistics business managers can use to deliver their goods. Then the types truck what does that mean?

What Types of Trucks Are Suitable For Businesses in the Logistics Sector?

tc trailers

In terms of speed, trucks are much faster than passenger cars, because actually these types of vehicles were created to transport heavy goods to distant places.

When viewed from the type, these trucks usually have different shapes depending on the load they want to carry. Therefore, don’t be surprised if there are trucks that have different wheels or even the loads that are carried together.

The more axles on the truck, the more volume loads it carries, even the number of rear wheels is also included to classify the types. Out of curiosity? Let’s see the explanation as follows.

1. Truck Box CDE

In addition to the type of pickup, usually cold diesel is also owned by an ankle truck. Has a very large body, so it is able to carry heavy items quickly. But keep in mind, that the payload may only range from 2 to 5 tons.

2. Box CDD Double

When viewed from the naked eye, actually this type of truck is very similar to the ankle, but the only difference is the 4 wheels behind. Meanwhile for the 2 front wheels the same as the ankle. With a larger capacity, this type of truck can accommodate a load of up to 6 tons more.

Another advantage possessed by this truck is that it is able to accommodate a larger load, because actually this type can be modified in any form, whether it be box open or closed.

3. Truck Fuso

Having a fairly large body, this type of truck is able to lift loads of up to 8 tons more. In addition, this type also has a very large volumer box of about 25 CBM. So the goods to be transported are also more.

4. Truck Tronton

There is also a type of tronton truck that has capacity payloads of up to 10 tons more. This is one of the most common types we encounter on the streets, because there are additional 10 rear wheels, 2 at the front, and 8 at the rear.

For its own capacity, the tronton truck is capable of carrying as much as 40 CBM of goods, so having this type is one of the mandatory or favorite trucks for expedition or logistics business people.

5. Truck Tc Trailers

Maybe many don’t know that one of the trucks that is widely used for this freight forwarding service is called TC trailers. Because actually, this type is very well known abroad, not in Indonesia.

Usually developed countries use TC trailers for the purpose of sending goods with a load of almost 10 tons more. In addition, another advantage is having a speed above the average, so using this type you can send goods to customers quickly.

So, those are some explanations of the types of trucks that we often encounter on the streets of our homeland, besides that the article above also explains a little about trucks from abroad, namely TC trailers.

Hopefully the explanation above can be understood and understood well. That’s all from us and thanks for reading this article!

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