Very Practical! These 4 Lunch Menus are Easy to Make


For friends who carry out their daily activities at work, maybe this lunch menu is suitable for you.

Currently, the new normal makes people have to be extra careful in carrying out the applicable health protocols. What’s more, we also have to avoid large crowds, so activities to buy food at the stalls are also limited.

So that people must be smart in implementing the applicable health protocols, therefore bringing their own lunch from home is one of the recommended activities when working in the office.

Therefore, we will provide some simple recipes for lunch if you want to bring it from your own home.

lunch menu

Efforts to bring our own food supplies are one of the mandatory habits and must be tried, so that we avoid crowds and break the chain of the covid outbreak.

That way we have maintained the health protocols that apply in this new normal period.

So, what are the simple and easy-to-use lunch dishes to bring to the office? Let’s see the following review.

1. Potato Chips

You can also make potato cakes mixed with tofu to make your own lunch from house.

Because the price is affordable and the ingredients used are also very large, one alternative to bringing lunch from home to the office is potato cakes.

Besides that, you can also combine these ketang cakes with stir-fried vegetables and spicy peanut sauce, with this lunch you can bring your good energy to work later.

2. Chicken Sausage

Currently, chicken sausage sellers are available online, so you don’t have to go to the market or supermarket to buy chicken sausage.

You only need to order via grabfood and order other delivery services to buy these ingredients.

In addition to its super delicious taste, the price of this chicken sausage is affordable, so it is perfect for serving as a lunch menu at the office.

3. Stir-fry Broccoli

In addition to being healthy, the lunch menu of stir-fried broccoli is also very easy to make, especially for the ingredients available in traditional markets and supermarkets.

Making it a simple meal that can be used as lunch at the office, the method of making it is also simple to make this broccoli stir fry suitable for lunch.

4. Mixed Fried Rice

If you are bored with the lunch menu, only fried rice, then one of the things you must try is mixed fried rice.

Usually this fried rice is combined with eggs or shrimp which can add to the enjoyment. Therefore, fried rice combined with other ingredients can also be your alternative when you want to bring your own lunch from home.

Conclusion and Closing!

Bringing your own lunch from home is indeed very useful, especially for boarding children who always calculate monthly expenses.

For this reason, the alternative in reducing expenses is to bring a lunch menu from home, if you want to know more details related to finances, you can see the ho run trailer tires website.

Knowing the current new normal situation, make sure you keep your health by complying with the applicable protocols.

By bringing simple food for lunch from home, you can minimize contact with many people, so that the chain of spreading COVID-19 also subsides.

That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading this article related to the easy-to-make and practical lunch menu for work! See you again.

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