Walking Less Comfortable? Here are 5 Ways to Treat Dry and Dull Feet, Just Understand!


It’s everyone’s dream to have smooth and dry skin, even in areas that don’t look like your feet at all. For this reason, we will share some tips on how to treat dry feet. Curious, right?

Currently, not a few people are complaining about dry and cracked skin on their feet, especially on the heels. Of course this is very disturbing appearance and also to walk less comfortable.

So the big question today is how to treat dry feet so that the skin is always maintained and does not cause other problems. Let’s continue to see the following review.

How to Treat Dry and Dull Feet?

how to treat dry feet

If you leave it for too long, the dry skin on your feet will crack, which can interfere with your daily activities. Even if the damage gets worse. will cause excessive pain when walking.

Therefore, don’t let it get worse and worse. For this reason, we will share some tips about how to take care of feet dry and dull, so as not to get worse.

1. Keep Feet Clean

Not only maintaining personal hygiene, but maintaining foot hygiene is also very mandatory. Get used to scrubbing the soles of the feet every day using bath soap.

But keep in mind, that do not rub it too hard, it will actually increase the damage to skin cells. Rub gently and make sure all toe to toe is clean.

2. Avoid Hot Water

To maintain a healthy foot skin, you should avoid bathing in hot water for too long. Because sensitive skin will actually cause other damage as well and even cause new problems.

Do not bathe in hot water too often, you should use plain water, because the moisture of the skin, especially on the skin of the feet, is needed so that the oil calendar does not disappear.

3. Use a moisturizer

Be diligent in using moisturizers on the skin of the feet, because these areas are very sensitive areas sensitive. It’s good to apply some moisturizer every day when you want activity.

You can use lotions or creams that are sold in online stores. It’s not easy enough for this method of caring for dry feet.

4. Foot Massage

It is possible that massaging feet is one way to treat dry feet. Because the feet also need reflection for health so that they can smooth the blood circulation that occurs in the body.

To do that, you should massage your feet using olive oil or coconut oil so that blood circulation becomes smooth.

5. Rubbing Feet with Stones

Actually, this traditional method is very effective for dealing with dry feet. But first make sure the stone you want to use, usually use a smooth and comfortable pumice stone.

Never use a stone that is rough and jagged, because it is not good for foot skin health. Sensitive skin might even have problems with it.

Conclusion and Closing

Those are some tips on how to treat dry and dull feet so that the skin doesn’t crack. It would be nice to follow the tips above so that your feet are healthier and can move well.

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That’s all for our discussion in this article, hopefully it can add to your knowledge. Thanks very much!

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