Want the Right Treatment? 5 Ways to Choose Sunscreen For Acne Skin!


If talking about sunscreen, in fact there are still many ingredients in it that actually cause a lot of acne. Therefore, how to choose sunscreen for acne prone skin also needs to be considered.

That, can happen because a lot of ingredients from sunscreen which actually clogs the pores of the skin, causing skin breakouts to become more severe.

For this reason, we will provide some tips regarding how to choose a sunscreen for acne-prone skin so that acne does not get worse. Curious, right? Let’s see the following review.

How to choose a sunscreen for acne-prone skin?

How to choose a sunscreen for acne prone skin

Having acne-prone skin is certainly a problem for some people. But don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose sunscreen for acne prone skin. What are the tips?

1. Made of Minerals

sunscreen divided into 2 types. The initial type is a chemical sunscreen that contains oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, and other similar chemicals.

Meanwhile, the other type is sunscreen a mineral made of titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide.

Both are comfortable for the skin. But, sunscreen Minerals are considered more friendly for owners of sensitive and acne-prone skin.

This is because the ingredients in chemical sunscreens can elicit an allergic and irritating response once they are absorbed by the skin.

2. Labeled (Branded) Non-Comedogenic

When buying sunscreen, make sure you read the description on the packaging brand. Choose a sunscreen with a non-comedogenic description. That is, this product has been designed in such a way that it does not close the pores and cause acne.

Not only that, neither should you choose sunscreen which has a lot of oil or perfume if you are prone to breakouts.

3. Has a More Dilute Composition

sunscreen in the form of creams and concentrated lotions suitable for dry skin owners. On the other hand, those of you who have acne-prone skin need to stay away from this type of concentrated sunscreen.

Look for a sunscreen that is not thick and easy to apply to the skin. Stay away from sunscreens in the form of creams that make the skin feel thick or sticky.

Choose sunscreen more liquid in the form of a solution, gel, or bast. This type of sunscreen is suitable for acne-prone skin owners because it is easily absorbed without having to close the pores.

4. Has Old Protection

The sun emits 2 types of radiation, namely UVA and UVB. Exposure to UVA light can irritate the skin, cause premature aging, and cause cancer. Meanwhile, UVB light is the light that makes your skin black and burns.

Some types sunscreen only protects the skin from one type of UV light. However, large-spectrum sunscreens are suitable for people with acne-prone skin because they can protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays at the same time.

5. Presence of SPF 30

SPF or Sun Protection Factor ensures the product’s expertise in protecting the skin from UVB rays. Continue to be great the SPF of a product, continue to be great at protecting your skin.

sunscreen with SPF 15 has been able to prevent the skin from being burned by the sun, good for owners of fair skin or acne. However, you should ideally choose a product with SPF 30 and above to get maximum protection.

Sorting sunscreen maybe it’s not a difficult problem for fair skin owners. However, those of you who have acne-prone skin definitely need to think about a few things to avoid the side effects.

Pay close attention to the content, composition, comedogenic properties, and the expertise of sunscreen in preventing skin. If you face obstacles, you can also ask a doctor to make a product sunscreen that fits.

Conclusion and closing!

So, those are some ways to choose a sunscreen for acne-prone skin that you can try, make sure to choose a trusted product.

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