Want to be durable and like new? Here are 4 Simple and Very Easy Ways to Care for Leather Bags!


It’s not an open secret anymore, that leather bags are a must-have fashion brand. But how do you take care of a good and simple leather bag?

If the question is as above, then all you need to do is listen to the following article until it’s finished.

Because, we will provide some tips and how to care for leather bags to keep them durable and like they were just bought. Still curious? Let’s see the following review.

How to take care of a simple leather bag to keep it durable?

how to care for a leather bag

Because it is different from bags from other materials, the method of cleaning and caring for leather bags is quite different and arguably more complex.

Because it is prone to damage to its color, it needs to be treated in such a way so that its appearance and quality does not decrease.

Here are some tips and how to care for a very good leather bag simple and you can apply it yourself at home.

1. Avoid Exposure to the Sun

The first step that needs to be done is to avoid the leather bag being exposed to the sun too often.

Because, if exposed to the sun too often, the leather on the bag will shrink and will make it look more shabby and ugly.

2. Don’t Wash with Detergent

The next way to care for a leather bag is not to wash it with detergent, because the chemicals can cause the bag and the material to be damaged.

Especially if the leather bag that you have has soft leather material, use a special cleaning tool that has a soft texture.

3. Avoid Leather Bags from Dust

When you want to store a leather bag, it is better to use a storage space that is free from dust or the cause of stubborn dirt.

Also try to choose storage that does not own gaps for dust and debris to enter, so that the herbs don’t stick and make them break down quickly.

4. Make sure the bag is free from stains

When traveling, it would be better not to carry the leather bag too often, because leather materials are often dirty.

If it is already affected by nodes, then apply baby oil first on the dirty surface of the bag, then wipe with a wet tissue. Guaranteed, your leather bag will be shiny and like new again.

Conclusion and Closing!

So, those are some simple and easy ways to care for leather bags, and you can practice them yourself at home, because the maintenance is simple, it’s definitely not easy to do it yourself.

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Actually, there are still many tips and how to care for other leather bags, but this time we only discuss things related to it.

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