Want to Look Casual and Sporty? 4 Styles of Wearing Men’s Vans Shoes that You Must Know!


Vans is a shoe model that has a casual and sporty look. For this reason, in choosing the style of wearing men’s vans shoes also needs to be considered. Whether that’s when you want to use it everyday or to hangout with friends.

In general, vans have black and white colors, but due to the development of today’s era, the models are increasing day by day, both in terms of color and shape.

However, when using it, you also need to pay attention to the style of wearing men’s vans shoes to make it look even cooler. For this reason, we will provide some tips that you can make reference when you want to travel using these shoes.

How to Choose a Style to Wear Men’s Vans Shoes?

style of wearing men's vans shoes

In choosing the style of wearing men’s vans shoes, then you have to determine the shoe model first, so that you can adjust to each other, whether it’s from clothes, pants, even socks. If curious? So, follow the following discussion.

1. Old Skool

Old Skool is one of the very popular Vans sneaker series, especially the Skate Old Skool. The shape of the shoe, which was first launched in 1977, is favored by many young people. This shoe is an early Vans skate shoe that features a sidestripe version of the iconic Vans.

These shoes are made of material large quality canvas that is sturdy and strong for a long time. After that, the outsole was made of shriveled rubber. It is not surprising that this Authentic Series is a shoe that is safe when used for a long time.

Not only that, the modern design makes the Authentic series shoes suitable for casual or semi-formal styles. These shoes are quite flexible when combined with the usual male outfits.

2. Slip-on

Vans also produces a slip-on series without binding which is more efficient in consumption. The Checkerboard Classic Slip-On is a popular Vans slip-on series. This type of shoe is suitable for those of you who don’t want to bother tying shoe ties and often taking off shoes. This series has a simple form so that it can be used for both men and women.

These shoes are made of canvas material. After that, the back of this shoe is designed to be more flexible so you can get used to your feet. The base of the foot also has a large bumper so you can always see the action. At the end of the shoe, there is a rubber that covers the top of the foot so that the end of this shoe looks more pointed.

3. Try to learn the material of the shoes first

When you are examining the type of material for sneakers, there are 2 important parts that you need to know. First, you need to know the upper material, after that the shoe sole material should not be missed.

There are several upper materials for Vans sneakers, the most famous of which is canvas. This type of canvas material is flexible and durable. That way, these shoes are safe on the feet and can be used for a long time, it’s quite easy not to choose the style of wearing these men’s vans shoes.

4. Match the color of the shoes with the outfit you are wearing

Vans sneakers are generally worn by men at casual or informal gatherings. Therefore, generally the outfits worn are also more free and ordinary. There are several colors of sneakers that are fair, such as dark, white, gray, navy, and brown. The color of these shoes will match with any color pants.

For other color types, you need to be careful mixing the shoes with your clothes. It will be more comfortable if you match the shoes with clothing with a fair pattern, such as a head and pants with a dark or white pattern. How easy is it not to choose a style to wear these men’s vans shoes.

Conclusion and closing!

Well, those are some ways to choose the style of wearing men’s vans shoes to make it look more casual and sporty.

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