Want to Look Trendy? Here are 5 Simple Robe Shirt Models that are Really Current!


The higher the market interest in robes, the higher the number of enthusiasts. If you want to wear a robe, it is also necessary to pay attention to the shape and color. For this reason, we will provide some tips for choosing a simple but still elegant robe.

For those of you who might like clothes with a robe model, then it never hurts to read this article to the end. Come on, see the discussion as follows.

What are the simple robe models but still look elegant?

simple robe model

The robe model does have various variations, whether it’s just plain plain, or has many motifs. Maybe for those of you who don’t really understand fashion, you will be a little confused in determining the choice of model.

For this reason, we have summarized some tips that you can use to choose a simple robe model but still look very elegant and up to date.

1. Ruffle Robe

If you see a robe model First, we can say that the model is really very simple and just plain. But at this time what is trending is a robe with an additional ruffle at the bottom.

2. Flower robe

The development of fashion also changes over time, the current simple robe model is more targeted at the youth market. So that more floral-patterned robes are sought after by the people of Indonesia.

3. Kimono robe

Have appearance which is quite elegant but not tacky, in fact this kimono robe has become a trend in recent years. so that in the selection of models of simple robes in the form of kimonos, there are also quite a lot.

4. Mermaid robe

Having a unique style with the characteristics of a mermaid, it is one of the simple robe models that is suitable for certain activities. For example, for the office or hangout with friends.

5. Tie robe

Actually having a style or model similar to a kimono, this tie-down robe has a ribbon in the middle which adds a cute yet not tacky impression. So this model is very suitable for the choice of simple robe models.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s some ways to choose a simple robe model that still looks good eleganthow is there one that is suitable for you to try.

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