Want to Start a Business? Here are 5 Ways to Use Google Trends to Research the Market!

How to use google trends – When you want to start a business, market research is the most crucial thing to do first.

That way, a business that is often done will not be in vain. Market research can be done in various ways, one of which is using Google Trends.

However, how to use the google trends? If you are curious, Referral News will share some tips in the following article.

How to Use Google Trends to Do Market Research?

how to use google trends

In this digital era, one has to be smart to research the market or look for loopholes if you want to start a business.

However, some people still don’t know how to use Google Trends to research certain keywords or keywords.

So if you are still curious about it, then keep reading the following article.

1. Go to Google Trends Page

On the Google Trends page there is a search engine keywordsyou can start by setting the country first.

After that, just set the language or something else. Now researching the market is even easier by using Google Trends.

2. Find the Keyword First

After opening the page, now is the time to fill in the keywords first, both keywords in English and Indonesian.

Everything is available on the Google Trends page, basically you can get this convenience to research a keyword.

3. Analyze the Graphics Too

Google trends already provides data to analyze something or what is trending using graphs.

So even if a layman is still learning, it will be easier to understand when he just looks at the picture, or sees the current trend.

4. Analyzing Interests by Region

Not only that, Google Trends also provides a feature, to see the keywords that have been analyzed based on their area as well.

For example, if we research the market keywords in the Java area, it will later show a graph of the number of enthusiasts in that area.

5. Can Comparison with Other Keywords

One of the advantages when using keyword research with Google Trends is that you can compare keywords with one another.

This of course makes it easier for people who want to open any business, including comparing it with other businesses as well.

Final Words and Closing!

how to use google trends

Well, those are some ways to use google trends to research a keyword in terms of doing business or just determining the initial idea.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong. That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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