What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 11Iso? Let’s see the explanation below!


Who doesn’t know the latest technology from Microsoft, namely Windows 11iso. Surely almost everyone in this world uses this technology to make their work easier, right?

Even without the program or technology from Microsoft, we might still use a typewriter or anything related to the manual method. Of course, this is very time and energy consuming, isn’t it.

There are so many new innovations made by Microsoft in its latest technology this time. So what are the new things in Windows 11 iso? If you are curious, let’s look at the following reviews.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11Iso?

If you want to discuss further about the latest technology from Microsoft, then we must first know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows. Interesting isn’t it?

The advantages of the latest technology from Microsoft

Windows 11iso

When compared to the previous version, it seems that Windows 11iso has many advantages. Therefore, we will review some of the information in this article. So read on for the discussion.

1. A More Elegant Look

Of course, the advantages that exist in Windows this time are the appearance of the icon and the applications in it are more elegant, so users feel even more refreshed when they see it compared to the previous version.

In the new settings menu, it has its own appearance and characteristics, which is more concise. In addition, the menus are also neatly lined up on the left and right of your laptop.

3. Has a Snap Layouts feature

This snap layouts feature is present in Windows 11iso to assist users in arranging multiple windows while doing multi-tasking work. The point is to be able to do many jobs at the same time.

4. Comes With Auto HDR

For PC or laptop gamers, this auto HDR feature will make the game look even more realistic. So every time you play a game that supports this resolution, your eyes don’t hurt and you have a more vivid HDR display.

5. Has DirectStorage Features

The latest technology this time was adopted from the well-known console, namely the Xbox Series X. This feature will maximize performance laptop or PC and provide the maximum speed of SSDNVMe. So to play the game can speed up loading that is running.

6. Security Enhancement

One of the other advantages possessed by the latest windows this time is: feature security that was not found in the previous version, namely TPM 2.0. With this feature, it will reduce the level of damage caused by malware attacks or hackers from irresponsible people.

Weaknesses of Windows 11iso

Windows 11iso

When it comes to shortcomings, we can’t really talk much about it. Because there are almost no flaws at all and we only found one. So what are the shortcomings of the latest series of Micorosft this time.

1. Must Have High Minimum Specifications For PC or Laptop

When you want to try the latest technology and series from Windows this time, the drawback is that a laptop or PC must have a high minimum specification. Because if not, this latest technology will not run optimally.

However, recently Microsoft is also upgrading its newest Windows this time which will loosen the minimum requirements. This they do so that everyone can upgrade their old Windows to the newest Windows this time.

So, those are some explanations regarding the advantages and disadvantages that exist in this Windows 11iso. How are you interested in trying this latest technology from Microsoft? That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading this article!


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