What does Marhaban ya Ramadhan mean? And 5 Aphorisms About Ramadan!

As Muslims, of course, we really look forward to the month where the month is full of blessings.

Moreover, if it is not the month of Ramadan, the words we often hear when entering the month are marhaban yes Ramadan.

So what does marhaban ya Ramadan mean? And is there an implied meaning of these words? If curious? Let’s see the review in the following article

What Does Marhaban Ya Ramadhan Mean?

it means marhaban ya ramadhan

Social media is increasingly rampant, we as intelligent people should use the sophistication of technology with full awareness.

That is, not using social media for hate speech or spreading fake news.

Moreover, Muslims are currently undergoing Ramadan fasting, of course negative things are also increasingly being avoided, aren’t they.

Why do we as intelligent humans not use social media to give greetings to those who are fasting.

Surely this is more useful, and adds to the enthusiasm for people who are fasting, isn’t it.

When the holy month of Ramadan arrives, many people also ask, what does Marhaban actually mean?

If we return to the topic, it means marhaban yes Ramadhan, then we must know very well according to the KBBI and also the term. No need to linger any longer, let’s finish and discuss it until it’s finished.

Complete Explanation Regarding the Meaning of Marhaban, Ramadan?

Many have asked, what does marhaban, yes, Ramadan mean? It is known, in terms that the meaning of these words is welcome to the month of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, in the KBBI the word marhaban refers to an exclamation or welcome and respect for the arrival of distinguished guests or can be interpreted as welcome.

That way, the meaning of the word marhaban ya Ramadhan in general and broadly is welcome to the month of Ramadan, we welcome you with full of grace and joy.

It means Marhaban ya Ramadhan and Ramadhan Kareem

If we had discussed a little about the meaning of marhaban, yes Ramadan, it would be nice if we also discussed about Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem’s words have a fairly broad meaning, even as if they have a very deep meaning from conscience.

Ramadan Kareem’s words can be interpreted as someone who conveys messages to loved ones.

The loved ones can be family, friends, or even close relatives. These words have a deep meaning, namely happy Ramadan generously.

The meaning is happy worship Ramadan fasting this with a generous and sincere heart.

So that the reward received will be multiplied by Allah SWT, the most merciful, most gracious God.

Aphorisms About Ramadan

After discussing what is the meaning of marhaban ya Ramadhan? So we enter with aphorisms about the holy month of Ramadan.

1. “Fasting is a shield that will protect you from the heat of hell fire and prevent you from all sins.”

2. “Ramadan is a month where the beginning is mercy, the middle is forgiveness, and the end is freedom from the fire of hell.”

3. Umar Sulaiman said – Sometimes you will never realize how special something is until you lose it. That’s how I feel about Ramadan every year.”

4. “From Ibn Hibban and Al-Tabarani – If a Muslim comes out of Ramadan without getting forgiveness and kindness, he is really a Muslim who is very loser.”

5. “Ibn al-Qayyim said: Ramadhan month more excellent than the other months, and even the last ten nights are more excellent than the other nights.”

Final Words and Closing!

So, that’s a complete explanation of what the meaning of marhaban, yes Ramadan? As well as some aphorisms about Ramadan.

There will be a month where, the day is filled with goodness, and at night we learn the holy Qur’an. Ramadan will always be a light from a dim heart.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong.

That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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