What is Business Intelligence? And 4 Tips To Build His Career!


Along with the development of the era, currently the profession as business intelligence is quite popular and there are more and more enthusiasts as well.

The career path offered by business intelligence is also getting better, making some people very interested in pursuing the profession.

What is Business Intelligence?

business intelligence

For those of you who may still be asking, what is business intelligence? Simply put, this profession exists within the company to assist users in getting answers to business-related questions.

So it can be said that the profession or job is very much needed today. Moreover, there are many people who really want to be young businessmen, so this job really has a fairly high prospect or career path.

What are some tips to build his career?

business intelligence

For those of you who want to know how to become a good business intelligence person, it must be determined to master this niche.

If described briefly, a business intelligence person’s niche begins when there is a user who has a problem and asks for opinions to make a decision.

At the initial stage you must do brainstorming and find out what information is needed to make that decision.

After that, the second step is to quote information using SQL or other tools. Then, the information that has been obtained will begin to be analyzed.

In this method of analyzing information, it is also necessary to ask opinions from subject matter experts who will help provide input to strengthen the analysis.

The results of the description will be combined with the results of information analysis to provide the necessary insights, suggestions, or actual action plans.

1. Self-taught learning

Self-training or self-taught can be one method of mastering business intelligence work.

However, there is a misconception that it is to immediately practice hard skills such as SQL or Microsoft Excel.

A very efficient method is to practice dilemma solving which can be obtained from reading case study novels, postings, or also participating in colloquiums that discuss problems in a business.

2. Portfolio

For me, actually a portfolio is not very meaningful to become a business intelligence person. The reason is that the results of the analysis cannot be displayed like that.

Even so, you can always make your portfolio look more attractive by loading the results of the ability.

For example, you have created a project that has a big impact on the industry. So, it can be listed because it will certainly be of interest to the industry that has the potential to employ you.

3. Prepare for the test as best you can

In the test to become a business intelligence person, there are generally 2 important tests. The beginning is a logical test and after that a dilemma solving test.

That’s why it is said that one way to become a business intelligence person is to often read research problems. Certainly because a problem research is useful for improving analytical and problem solving skills.

4. Selecting the Right Industry or Company

In fact, a business intelligence person will certainly be needed by every industry, be it startups or conventional industries.

The difference is only in the level of need. For example, in an industry that has been running for decades, business intelligence has a real workflow.

Learn how to find inspiration and methods so that the industry can grow more.

On the other hand, startups generally don’t have a normal workflow for a business intelligence person, so we are the ones who want to pave the way.

That’s why, business intelligence in charge of startups is required to work harder and be ready to make changes.

Conclusion and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation of what business intelligence is, and the career path as well.

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