What is the Function of Aquarium Power Head? And 5 recommendations for you!

The function of the aquarium power head is to circulate water in the aquarium itself, so through the existing filter, the condition of the water in it will be maintained.

So that the function of the power head of the aquarium is very important to maintain the water content, so that the fish in it do not die or are poisoned.

What are the recommendations for this Power Head Aquarium?

aquarium power head function

If you have already discussed the function of the aquarium power head, this time we have summarized some recommendations for filters that you can try to use in the aquarium itself. So read on, this article to the end!

1. EHEIM Universal 1200

Imported directly from Germany, build quality products, you don’t have to hesitate. It is made of high quality material plus the motorcycle is covered with a special cover. So, you can use this product for long term.

In addition, you will also get a three-year warranty. Of course for those of you who are looking for a very terrible aquarium pump with the best build quality, this product is the right answer.

2. Hidom Amphibious Pump

You can place this pump in an aquarium filled with fish and delicious saltwater. If necessary, you can also place it outside the aquarium, very flexible! If you want an amphibious aquarium pump at minimum cost, this product is the best solution.

3. Pumpa Air Pump

Better consider product this is if you have more than two small or medium aquariums. This pump is equipped with four output prongs for use throughout your aquarium, economical! Each branch is able to circulate 270 liters of water per hour.

4. Amara Power Liquid Filter

If you are looking for an aquarium pump capable of circulating large amounts of water, this product is the right choice. This pump is capable of flowing water up to 5000 liters per hour. So you can only place this product in the aquarium, but it is also suitable for medium-sized ponds.

5. Leecom Air Pump

This product is specially designed to cause as little as possible. Not only is it silent, it’s also very compact so you can place it anywhere you want. This product is suitable for keeping fish in a calm water flow habitat.

Conclusion and Closing!

aquarium power head function

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding what is the function of the power head aquarium? As well as recommendations for your aquarium needs.

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