What is the price of the Samsung A32 on the market?


Having an elegant appearance as well as cash for children is very easy, it seems that the Samsung A32 cellphone is very interesting to watch. Especially now that the price of the Samsung A32 has started to fall in the market.

So the question is, what is the price of a new or used Samsung A32 cellphone? If you are curious, let’s see the explanation as follows.

The Price of the Samsung A32 on the Market, Both Used and New!

samsung a32 price

Having a very good performance, it seems that the Samsung A32 is one of the cellphones that is quite popular with the Indonesian people. Even the typer has the latest variant that is equipped with a 5G network.

Of course, the new variant is really in demand by buyers, but it’s true, if in Indonesia itself it still doesn’t support the network. But there’s nothing wrong with buying this Samsung a32, isn’t it.

For the price of the Samsung A32 cellphone from the official website, it is priced at Rp. 3,599,000 for the 6/128 GB RAM. In addition, the 8/128 GB RAM is only priced at IDR 3,799,000. As for the 5G with 8/128 G ram, the price is 3,999,000.

With a price like that, it definitely makes gadget lovers very interested in buying it, right? In addition, this Samsung A32 cellphone also has many advantages. Therefore, we will also discuss it in this article.

The Advantages of the Samsung A32 HP!

samsung a32 price

This latest cellphone from Samsung has several very many advantages, let’s see what the advantages are:

1. Have Refresh Rate 90Hz

After a long time, Samsung is finally able to apply the screen with refresh rate 90 hertz. By having this ability, this HP is very smooth for scoll social media or watching movies on your cellphone.

2. Very Qualified Processor For Gaming

Now the Samsung A32 has chipset which is even more reliable, moreover, this cellphone is indeed devoted to performance and also gaming. With the helio G80, activity gaming through a cell phone can be done more qualified again or a significant obstacle.

Not only that, because it is supported by chipset which is very good, this cellphone is able to provide experience gaming outstanding.

3. Has a very large battery capacity

Compared to other series, it seems that the Samsung A32 has more superior performance. So don’t be surprised if this series has a battery capacity that is twice as large as the previous generation.

Because it has a 5,000 mAh battery capacity, of course it supports full day activities and there is no need to charge multiple times to use cellphones from this series.

4. High Camera Resolution.

Compared to other series, it seems mobile phone Samsung A32 also has another advantage, namely a very high camera resolution. This phone has a 6MP main camera, ultrawide 5MP, and for the bokeh camera it’s 5MP.

5. Have NFC Support

Right now, mid-range phones are trending to have NFC support. With this technology, cashless payment activities can be done easily in this digital era.

In addition, to check balances and top-up money balances electronic can easily use this NFC feature.

So, that’s the explanation regarding the price of the Samsung A32 cellphone in 2021. How are you interested in buying the series? If so, please check the e-commerce in Indonesia, or visit the Samsung center in the nearest city.

Make sure to buy original items, and don’t be fooled by KW items. That’s all from us and thank you very much for reading this article!

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