Wibu Must Watch! 5 Cool Anime Themed Power of Magic!


In the anime world, anything can happen and the characters and the storyline are also unique. One of them is a cool anime with the theme of magic power.

It seems that anime that has a magic power theme or storyline is increasingly in demand by many people.

Not only among webumen or anime lovers, but many people who like it both from ordinary people.

Therefore, the News Reference has summarized some cool anime with the theme of magic that must be watched. So keep reading this article.

What are some cool anime recommendations with the theme of magic power?

cool anime

Because many people like magic anime, it doesn’t hurt to try watching it, who knows later you will become an anime fan or you could say webu. Anything recommendation This anime is worth watching.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

In this anime there is a story of the brotherly bond between brothers who are very strong, even though the younger brother is trapped in the world of alchemists.

But the older brother is really responsible for freeing him, therefore various kinds of magic spells the chemist wants him to master.

2. Fairy Tail

Carrying the story of a magical anime, Fairy Tail is a guild where the group has members who like to cause trouble.

This anime raises the magic power of a very rare dragon. Even though the theme is magic action, the storyline is still peppered with humorous scenes that can make your stomach churn.

3. Black Clover

Having a very high rating, it seems that Black Clover can also be a spectacle when bored at home.

This anime has visuals as well as detailed battles, so the animations can spoil the eyes of anyone who watches.

4. Radiant

This magic anime is considered the best anime of all time, because there is a fresh and mysterious storyline at the same time.

The main character is also very tough, he is able to master various elements of magic. Anyway, this anime is really worth watching.

5. Mahoutsukai no Yome

For friends who want to watch romatic magic anime, this anime seems to be a very good choice.

The storyline and characters brought into this anime are also very fresh, and the storyline is not easy to guess, which can be a recommendation for friends who are bored at home.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are some cool anime recommendations with the theme of magic power, if you’re still curious, please watch the continuation of the story yourself.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong. That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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