Youtube Channel Hasn’t Monetized But Already Has Ads


The youtube channel hasn’t been monetized yet but there are ads already?whether I just realized or missed the news, it turns out that nowadays almost all the videos on YouTube appear with advertisements.

Whether the channel has been submitted for Adsense monetization or not, all ads appear randomly.

Just like what I experienced on my personal youtube channel which you can access at:

I’ve seen several times that the videos show ads even though they don’t meet the monetization requirements and I haven’t actually applied for monetization.

Why Youtube Channel Hasn’t Monetized But Already Has Ads

So I thought, why are there ads, but I don’t get any income from these ads, are youtubers cheating? or what, taking my viewer for your own benefit.

After I searched, this is indeed a new rule from Google and Youtube, where they claim that they have the rights to this policy.

Well, it can’t be helped, people are their platform, so it’s free if they display ads on all videos on Youtube.

You can learn more about this statement at

Overall, it doesn’t hurt me, but I don’t know about other YouTubers. Btw, don’t forget to stop by my YouTube channel, the link is above.

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