Zulhas: From the figure of Aunt Ardiansyah, many men should learn the true meaning of kindness


From the figure of Aunt Ardiansyah, many men should learn the true meaning of kindness

By Zulkarnain Hazan

Not just asking for a good woman, but also being able to accept all her bad past, then fix and improve with her.

Aunt Ardiansyah Made Vanessa a very kind, gentle and obedient wife, friendly with everyone, and a good mother to her child. he also makes his wife a child who builds harmony in his parents”.

Vanessa is a cheerful and very kind friend, and will always be the best
Regardless of the controversy, today they have calmed down there, with people who are blessed by Allah, ameen. My two best friends, Aunt Ardiansyah and Vanessa, are in the process of life which they are continuously improving until they become better and remain the best.”

Now, the more you come here, the more you think and learn, “Never be a judge of other people’s lives.” We never know the end of our lives and what memories we leave with those closest to us, and at the last moment later.

Aunt and Vanessa left many of the best memories in the eyes of their family and friends, even Vanessa’s last Youtube video gave the best impressions and still had time to entertain her fans and give her a sweet smile at the end of her life. Subhanallah.

And what I often think lately is “oowwh this is probably the reason why Allah SWT made many gates of heaven, because He knows best what deeds can get His servants into heaven”. Including late aunt and late Vanessa, Insyaallah

Regardless of one’s past and sins. “Every good person has a past, and everyone has a right to a future”

Even though I don’t follow the development of artists, but via Ashraf Sinclair and Aunt I understand “not all good men are destined to wear a dress”

So we understand that it’s really unfair to judge and judge someone just because of what he wears, some people are destined to have different sins and different paths of goodness.

Goodbye my two best friends, your kindness will never fade and will be remembered forever. May Allah (SWT) forgive you and put you in Jannah, with the pious.

May the son you leave, Gala, be a pious child so that he becomes a charity for his parents. Hopefully we can also be husnul Hatimah at the end of our lives like those who are missed by Allah SWT. Amen

Your best friend, Zulkarnain Hazan Tuesday (16/11/2021).


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