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5 Ways to Create an Online Quiz and its Answers with Google Forms

The development of information technology also has positive benefits, especially for the world of education. This includes when a pandemic occurs, forcing teachers to even make online quizzes, relying on various applications, including Google Forms.

The Google Form application is considered more practical and easy to use for making online quizzes even by educators who don’t really understand. In addition, by using Google Forms, teachers also don’t have to worry about their students cheating.

The following steps can be used to create an online quiz and answer questions using Google Forms:

Before starting the steps to create an online quiz on Google Forms, make sure that you already have an account Gmail to be able to access Google Forms.

After that, access the page to start creating online quizzes. Then, click the “+” icon to create a new quiz.

Next, click “Settings” at the top of the Google Form, click “Make This a Quiz”. After that, there will be some choice options that you must fill in such as: Release Value, Collect Email Address, Respondent Settings, Correct Answer to Point Value of the answers given by the quiz participants.

After all the general setup processes for making online quizzes are completed then click “Save”.

How to Make an Answer Key

The next stage is to create an answer key from the online quiz that you have created. There are answer key options, namely: Multiple Choice, Check Box and Dropdown.

Here’s how to make it:

  • To add a question, click Add question.
  • Fill in your questions and answers.
  • At the bottom left of the question, click Answer key.
  • Choose the correct answer or answers.
  • At the top right of the question, select how many points the question is worth.
  • Optional: To add a written explanation or YouTube video to an answer, click – Add answer feedback.
  • Optional: To edit the question or answer options, click Edit question.

How to Choose an Online Quiz Display

You can also set the appearance during and after the online quiz. For example, setting participants to see unanswered questions, correct answers, and how much each question scored.

The way to do it is:

  • Open the online quiz that has been created
  • Then, at the top right, click Settings.
  • Click Quiz.
  • Under “Respondents can see”, check the box.

How to Lock Quiz Online

To prevent students from cheating or accessing other sites to find answers to quiz questions, you can enable locked mode so students cannot access or search other sites or applications to find answers.

However, this mode can only be done if each student has collected an email address as access to take the quiz. Plus, you’ll need a G Suite for Education Account, a Chromebook managed by your school for each student.

Here’s how to enable locked mode:

– In Google Forms, open the quiz you have created.

– At the top, click Settings then Quiz.

– Check the box next to “Enable locked mode”.

How to Give Online Quiz Time

You can also give a time limit for taking quizzes like working on questions in a classroom. This is so that students are more disciplined and focused in answering the questions given.

Here’s how to give quizzes time:

– In Google Form click the Three Dots icon, then click Add-ons

– Search Formlimiter, install

– Click allow to display the script into your google account

After that, the setting process will appear to enter the time limit and the questions to be worked on.

– Click “Save and Enable”

– If the question has reached the specified time, then the question will be automatically closed.

How to Share Quiz Results

After the quiz, you can also send student work results via email to each of them individually.

Here’s how:

– In Google Forms, open a quiz.

– At the top, click Responses then Individuals.

– At the top right of the response with the registered email address, click Release score.

– Check the box next to the person you want to email.

– Click Send email and release.

Making online quizzes with the help of Google Forms will greatly ease the task of educators not only in making question material but also correcting answers from participants directly with results that can be seen in real time.

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