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These are 5 Glamping Tips for Beginners


Glamping or glamor camping is indeed fun, because you can enjoy an unspoiled natural atmosphere without having to bother carrying a heavy carrier bag or having trouble carrying your own tent.

Although in general, glamping is one of the facilities provided by tourism object managers, but you also have to pay attention to the atmosphere and conditions around glamor camping, don’t let the intention of glamor camping to refreshing it’s actually a mess.

In general, glamping is the same as regular camping, except that lovers of glamor camping don’t need to bother bringing camping equipment to bring special food supplies, because all of that has been provided as one of the glamor camping facilities.

However, especially for those of you who are still beginners enjoying this luxury-style camping, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following things, so that your luxury camping moment becomes more memorable and of course you can be more integrated with nature, the tips:

Choose a Glamping Location

The first thing you need to do is choose a glamping location. Currently, there are many tourist attractions that offer glamorous camping facilities. Well, you can adjust your interests to the location of glamor camping, for example: You are more likely to love the beach atmosphere than mountains or hills, for that you can choose or look for beach attractions that have glamor camping facilities. The goal is that you can really enjoy the beauty of nature according to your interests.

Weather Factor

The weather factor is no less important when camping. Don’t let it rain when you’re glamping suddenly, let alone enjoy a bonfire, just to enjoy the beauty of nature is impossible when it’s raining.

Therefore, determine the right time when you want to camp, you can also ask the glamping manager about the available facilities including the type of lodging or tent to anticipate things that are beyond prediction when camping.

Bring Enough Equipment

Remember, glamping is very different from camping. When you are glamorous camping, you will be served like when you spend the night in a regular hotel or inn, it’s just that the location is outside the room and prioritizes its natural nuances.

For that, you don’t need to bother bringing a tent, cooking utensils to instant noodles. You only need to bring enough personal equipment, such as tablespoons, toothbrushes, towels or medicines including anti mosquito lotion and other personal daily supplies.

Do not bring flashy valuables such as jewelry or other things to avoid the possibility of being lost because glamping is in the open and mingling with other camping lovers who we don’t know.

See Contours of Glamping Land

Also make sure you know the contours of the land that is used as a glamping location by the manager, if glamor camping is around the beach it means you will be in a sandy area, prepare a mask so that when you sleep the dust from the beach sand does not easily enter.

Or when choosing camping in mountainous areas, there’s nothing wrong with bringing thick clothes or sweaters because the mountain air tends to be cold, not only in the morning.

Behave properly

Lastly, what is no less important is to remain reasonable and not act out of line during glamping, respect local wisdom such as not doing anything indecent, making noise, for example when playing with a bonfire or making sure the campfire is completely extinguished when left behind.

Remember, your goal of camping is to refresh your mind and body so that they come back fresh while blending in and enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature.

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