Monday , April 22 2024


3 Reasons Why Cats Like to Eat Rats

You may be wondering, why do cats like to eat mice, including always hunting them, even though cat it is a domestic cat or pet whose food intake is clearly met. This question is very reasonable, especially for cats who are kept and have been provided with special food. The …

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10 Requirements for Registering PPG in Position 2022

In addition to being an indicator to measure the pedagogical competence and professionalism of educators, Education Teacher Profession (PPG) especially in positions are also very closely related to improving the welfare of teachers. With the participation of teachers in PPG, they will automatically get an educator certificate to get additional …

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4 Benefits and Uniqueness of the Wijaya Kusuma Plant

Of the many collection plants that are in demand by the public, there is one plant, namely the Wijaya Kusuma plant whose fans have never lost interest even long before the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. This is very reasonable considering this plant has a unique and beautiful flower shape so it …

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Make Your Own Ice Cream with 5 Easy-to-Get Ingredients

Ice cream is one of the most popular types of food in Indonesia, including making your own ice cream. Ice cream connoisseurs also consist of various groups, ranging from children to adults. This is because ice cream has a delicious delicacy with various flavors. Besides being delicious, ice cream also …

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PPG Benefits and 9 Ways to Register for PPG in 2022

Professional Education Program Teacher or better known as PPG is the government’s effort to prepare education personnel who have competence and professionalism in accordance with the goals and ideals of the nation’s education. PPG output is more intended for educators who come from undergraduate education graduates and non-education majors in …

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