Tips to Accelerate Laptop Performance, Without Buying New


Have you ever thought about buying a new laptop even though the existing laptop is still smooth, it’s just very slow when used?

Yes, we’ve had the same thoughts, annoyance makes us not think clearly, so we just want to buy a new one.

Even though there are several causes and ways to overcome these problems, of course it will save your budget for other urgent needs.

Tips to Accelerate Laptop Performance Without Buying New

Before we decide on how to speed up laptop performance, we need to know in advance what is the cause of a very slow laptop.

1. Automatic Download Process in Background

This often happens to almost all laptop users with the Windows operating system, usually Windows activates the automatic update feature. So that when we connect to a wifi network, it automatically downloads the latest windows files.

As a result, without us realizing it, the laptop becomes slow, especially if it is accompanied by opening other applications, such as browsing, or editing videos.

To solve this problem, you must turn off your windows update feature, so as not to make your laptop slow in the future.

You can search for the tutorial on Google first, or maybe I’ll make a tutorial later in another article.

2. Still Using Hard Drive (HDD)

The second cause is that your laptop is still using the hard drive as an operating system storage medium, so for now it is very slow to use, and this is natural.

Because the hard drive is an old technology, and now there is a replacement, namely SSD.

You can solve this problem by replacing your hard drive with an SSD. If there is a CD ROOM slot on your laptop, you can use a hard drive and an SSD at the same time.

The trick, remove the CD ROOM slot, then move your hard drive there, and install your SSD in the hard drive bay. Then install the operating system on the SSD so that the laptop boot process runs quickly.

Relax, you don’t need to do this process yourself, just take it to a laptop repairman, it will be finished quickly.

For an estimated cost of approximately Rp. 500,000, (for the cost of SSD and installation services). But it depends on the place of service too.

Well that’s it 2 Tips to speed up laptop performance without having to buy a new one.

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