Tips When Becoming a New Student

Hello friends! I hope that all of my friends who are reading this article are always in good health, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In this article I would like to share (share) to all of my friends, there are some things that should and must be considered by friends when they will or have become new students so that in the end they don’t get ‘lost’ and ‘misstep’ in the future.

Before discussing it further, allow me to convey what the meaning of the student itself is.


According to the KBBI, students have the first meaning, namely people who study in higher education. A freshman is simply someone who has just set foot as a freshman who has just become a freshman.

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Both old students and new students are indeed synonymous with harsh college life. The journey of becoming a new student aka ‘maba’ is indeed not easy to go through, but it can still be tricked so that as a new student you can quickly adapt well to the lecture bench.

The following are some tips that must be considered by all of you when you are going or who have just become a new student.

Tips When Becoming a New Student

1. Do not ever be ashamed to ask

There was once a saying that said “shame to ask astray on the road”. That saying is true.

If the friends reading this article happen to be new students, then remember to always look for information related to the university that you are attending from various sources, it could be from the administrative bureau, seniors, student senate, student associations, as well as contemporaries.

So don’t be shy about asking questions.

2. Collect SKP as early as possible

In general, the policies in each campus are different from each other, and in this case the SKP (participant credit unit) policy is also inseparable from this.

For friends who don’t know what SKP is, in short, SKP is a mechanism for points that must be collected by every student as a graduation requirement later on while being the student concerned.

Especially for this second point, if there is an obligation for each student to collect SKP points up to a certain amount (without the option to purchase SKP points), then try to start collecting them as early as possible (in installments).

Several ways that you can do in terms of collecting SKP are the first by participating in internal and external competitions, the second joining committees & campus organizations, and so on.

The higher the semester level, the less opportunity to collect SKP because many courses are getting more and more burdensome (read difficult). Therefore, the sooner in terms of collecting SKP, the better.

3. Expanding Friendship Network

It is no longer a secret that we humans, who incidentally are social beings, have naturally needed a helping hand from other parties (read other humans).

Having many friends (more than one person) will of course be a ‘weapon’ that is effective in dealing with the battlefield of lectures which will increase the tension day by day.

Having lots of friends will make it easier for us to gather various information. We can take various paths to expand our network of friends, including getting to know each other one-on-one (personally), participating in student activity units (UKM) & study groups, and so on.

Therefore, do not forget to seek and build friendships.

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4. Taking Occasional Breaks

There is nothing wrong at all to take an occasional rest schedule in the midst of busy lecture activities. Remember that our ‘fragile’ body also needs time to regenerate itself.

Don’t let it be because you are too ambitious to go through various lecture activities so that your body will feel it later burnout and may cause toxic positivity.

If you have already fallen sick, then we ourselves will also be in trouble later, right? Therefore once in a while do not forget to rest and relax on several occasions.

5. When You Feel the Signs of the Wrong Course

I think this is the most crucial and critical thing. Why is that so? Because if you feel you are in the wrong major, whatever we are going to do related to lectures will definitely not feel fun at all.

One major can also interfere with health and lead to mental disorders such as prolonged stress, and so on.

Therefore, in my opinion, if there are friends who have felt the wrong major from an early age, especially before entering the third semester (three), it is better to apply for a transfer of study program (department) or even university if possible which we are really interested in and like according to abilities and personality of each.

That was a series of things that can be done especially for new students who have just started their work in a college or campus environment.

Hopefully this little article can enlighten loyal readers who may happen to be new students.

See you next time. See you!


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