Simple But Delicious! 5 Ways to Make and Recipes for Fried Vegetable Capcay that are Suitable for Iftar Menu!


It’s just a matter of counting the days that the holy month full of blessings is in sight, as well as food recipes that are back to enliven the virtual world. For iftar menu itself, there are many choices, one of which is making a vegetable capcay recipe.

Actually to make a recipe from this vegetable capcay is very easy and simple, so it is very suitable to be used as a food menu for breaking the fast.

How to Make and Recipe for Fried Vegetable Capcay which is simple but still delicious?

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Besides having a good taste, vegetable capcay is very good for consumption because it has many vegetables that are useful for the body.

For this reason, this food menu is very suitable if used as a menu for breaking the fast. So how do you make dan recipe this fried saur capcay?

If you’re curious? The News reference has summarized several recipes and how to make them, so keep reading for the following reviews.

The materials needed are as follows:

  • Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, chicory, green mustard, baby corn, then cut into small pieces according to taste
  • Ear mushrooms to taste (for this material according to taste you can use other types of mushrooms)
  • Chicken fillet and beef meatballs, cut according to taste
  • One scallion that has been sliced
  • Right amount of oil
  • Enough water

The spices needed are:

  • 2 tablespoons of garlic and oil as well
  • Onions according to taste
  • Ginger to taste that has been chopped
  • Oyster sauce to taste
  • Soy sauce, fish sauce
  • Sesame oil to taste
  • Mushroom broth and sugar
  • Cornstarch to taste, then dissolve with water

How to make and simple fried capcay recipe as follows:

  1. First, fry the garlic and onions until they have a fragrant aroma, add the sauteed ginger, meatballs, and chicken, until they change color.
  2. Add enough water, add carrots, cook for a while until the texture turns crunchy.
  3. Give seasoning first, then add other vegetables, stir until evenly distributed.
  4. Finally, add the scallions and cornstarch solution that has been dissolved in water until thickened.
  5. Check the taste first, then simple fried capcay is ready to be served for the iftar menu.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s how to make a simple but delicious fried vegetable capcay recipe. It’s very suitable for the Ramadan iftar menu, isn’t it, let’s just make it yourself at home.

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